"You're far too cheap for your standard of workmanship!", is the flavour of the frequent comments I receive from clients... a brave statement but reassuring that we are keeping our standards high.

Our rates are the most competitive around - assuming you are looking at skilled, clean and tidy workmanship...

We will discuss payment methods once we have visited you for a quote, but they really just boil down to 3 choices...

Hourly Rate:

You may wish to pay us by the hourly rate, we measure the time spent on a job in man/person hours.  One craftsman from £25 per hour and if required, a less specialised technician at £12 per hour...  Prices vary depending upon the technical competences required 

Often it's only the craftsman required, but if you need a larger job done more quickly or for safety reasons, we may require 2 people on task.

Day Rate: 

Usually works out a little cheaper since your job is a little bigger and our overheads such as fuel are comparatively less.

Quoted price

We take the gamble and quote for the job, to date the client has come off much better since many jobs take longer than anticipated.

ALL works are PLUS materials, when it comes to decorating etc, we prefer to use proper trade paints since these apply faster, are less smelly, have better opacity and don't yellow as readily as retail paints...  However we will happily use your materials if you prefer.

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